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How do I import the unity version into Unity? when i unzip it all the files are just gibberish. 

The only file in the Unity zip file is the Unity Package File.  It is called Pixel UI1.5.unitypackage.  You take that file and drag it into Unity and it will import.

When i unzip the file it gives me al these gibberish folders not just a unitypackage file 

Another amazing update, finnaly at a position to start using this in my game. Thank you for the PNG sheets :)

You are most welcome :)

Purchased! Seems incredible! Ill rate your work when I implement it in my space shooter :)

Love the new update :)

Glad to hear it and thanks very much! As soon as my broken arm is mended I'll be back to work on the next.  Until then I'm open to suggestions.

Hey DirePixel,

Lovely simplistic UI! Took me forever to find this. 

You mention in the Unity demo that there is version 1.2 but it doesn't seem to be included in the package. Any chance for you to add the download for non-unity users?




Thank you so much, I appreciate that!  We are actually on v1.3 now and approaching a 1.4 release in the next month.  But we haven't forgotten our non-Unity users.  I'm not sure why 1.2 isn't up here I'll have to look in the archives and try to find what happened there.  The 1.3 content was primarily a release of script vs. graphics but included a visual clock spritesheet.  1.4 introduces pixel art cards, inventory item icons, etc.  Anyways, I'll try to get this all uploaded as soon as I can!

Much appreciated!


Pixel UI 1.4 has been uploaded!

Can you include a simple png sheet too? I want to use this outside of unity.

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Absolutely, I just finished putting that into a sheet for you non-Unity folks and I am working on creating the new version and upload now so give it a few minutes. :)

*Edit* Version uploaded as Pixel UI v1.11 (Non-Unity)

Ah awesome, thanks for getting back to me. Sorry to be a huge pain in the ass but would it be possible to get everything in a single sheet? Also the icons seem to be missing? 

Many thanks!


Yeah I noticed that too, not sure what happened there.  Go ahead and redownload Pixel UI v1.11 (I updated the upload file and everything seems to be there now I think)

Amazing work, thank you!